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AP1 vs Focus ST

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Default AP1 vs Focus ST

This was a rather random encounter that started while on my way home from work late Saturday night. I was driving on the 101 North and wasn't even on the freeway for more than a few minutes before a typical douche bag tries to cut me off. Usually I'll just hit the brakes and let them go by but this Focus ST was being very aggressive so I decided to deny him this. Once he saw me accelerating and refusing to let him in he immediately took off. For a moment I hesitated but my curiosity over which one of our cars was faster won out. The ST has the same power as the S2000 but much more torque but is also heavier and FWD. I've seen and read reviews stating the ST was faster but I never believed it. Now I was going to find out. He was about a car length ahead before I dropped into fourth gear and quickly caught up and passed him. Needless to say he didn't like this one bit and pulled along side and tried again. This time we both took off at the same time and he held on for a while but then quickly fell behind with me laughing at the wheel. I was overjoyed that my plucky, 13 year old roadster with over 100k on the clock just wiped the floor with this brand new ST that still had paper plates.

After this however it got bad. In an apparent fit of frustration the ST pulled behind me suddenly and he almost lost it and hit the divider since I was in the passing lane. At that point I decided to stop messing around and just get away from him but he kept following me through traffic. Again he tried to cut me off and this time I left him in the dust and kept going until he was out of sight and could resume my casual driving. It was fun but scary at the same time and I usually don't take part in such behavior but I thought people would appreciate the results. Guess some people just can't take losing. My car is mostly stock with the only performance upgrades being an FIPK intake, a single T1R exhaust and I also have a set of Bilstein PSS coilovers with minor upgrades to the brakes but that's about it. For the most part this was a stock vs stock encounter and I'm glad the old girl came out the clear winner.
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Congrats! I had a situation last night with an Integra. I clearly pulled on em hard so I left off the gas. He then did the ol fly by while flashing hazards. I couldn't help but laugh. But ur right, some people can't stand losing
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Nice! There are few ST's I see in Irvine. They always wot every chance they get. Careful though..once modded, they scoot.
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