To Mod or not to Mod?

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One of the first questions new S2000 owners ask themselves is whether or not to leave the car completely stock, or to modify/customize it to their own tastes. We’ll be doing a series of articles over the next few weeks about various different modifications available, but first we’d like to help you address the question of whether to get started or not. (Beware… it can become an addiction!)

“If I change anything, it’ll hurt the collector value of the car!”


It’s a valid argument, but there are a number of things to consider. While the S2000 is a limited production vehicle, there are more than 100,000 of them in circulation now. The car is definitely destined for classic status one day, but it will never be truly “rare.”


Regardless, someday a completely original S2000 may certainly bring a premium price. If you plan to keep the car for a very long time and this is a concern to you, don’t let it keep you from customizing a few things to your taste. Most modifications are easily undone, so just make sure you keep any OEM parts you may be replacing.


Conversely, some might think that customization might increase the “value” of their cars. This too is usually untrue. Unless you find a buyer who is looking for a car with the exact modifications you’ve performed, you’re not likely to receive much of a premium price when selling your S2000. In, fact, buyers will often shy away from a heavily modded car for fear that it’s been driven too hard.


Most modifications won’t have a huge impact on the value of your S2000 at this point, but keep your original parts just to be safe. If you do decide to sell, you’d get your best return by restoring most of your original parts and selling the aftermarket parts separately on eBay or here on S2ki in the For Sale forum. (a much more cost effective choice, btw)


For the best deals on new aftermarket parts for your S2000, check out the S2ki Marketplace and our many excellent sponsors. For some real bargains on used parts, be sure to pay a visit to our For Sale forum. If you’re looking for a particular part, you can always post a request in S2ki’s Want to Buy forum.


Later this week, look for articles about intake and exhaust modifications…


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