Why the S2000 is better than a warm puppy…

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In an effort to further illuminate our readers, we at S2ki wish to elaborate on why our car is better than everything on earth. We’re really really serious about this, and anyone who disagrees with anything we say is a big poopy-pants!


Sure… puppies are cute, but are they really as adorable as a Spa Yellow S2000? I think not. Do S2000s chew up all your good shoes? Do they shred or “leak” all over your rugs? Maybe a few drops on the garage floor, but has an S2000 ever left a steaming pile on your bedspread? Do S2000s whine all night if you leave them in the garage? Do they need to be fed twice daily? Of course, the answer to all these questions is a distinct NO!!!


Just last week, I tried to ride my Scottish terrier puppy; darn thing collapsed right under me! (I don’t weigh an ounce over 220) My S2000 can not only carry me, but a passenger as well. (If I were REALLY lucky and had an Evo, I could take three more passengers!)


A lot is said about the loyalty of puppies… all I know is mine will run to just about anyone who calls. My S2000 won’t start for anyone else, unless I give them one of my specially coded keys. Now that’s loyalty!


Puppies need a lot of attention. An S2000 will sit in the garage all winter without uttering a peep or needing a thing. Come spring, all you have to do is add gas and oil, and it’s ready for a pleasant Sunday drive or an all out run around the track.


Yep… the S2000 is definitely better than a warm puppy; no question about it. Stay tuned for further articles where we’ll explain why an S2000 is better than Mom’s apple pie, baseball, and America too.

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