Saying goodbye to a dear friend…

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Sunday night, April 2, 2006, the S2000 community lost one of its most beloved members. Travis Hunt (Dreamcation) flipped his S2k on the Pacific Coast Highway and tragically died from his injuries.


To say that many of us on S2ki are beyond distraught is a decided understatement. Travis wasn’t just loved here, he was adored. His good nature, wonderful sense of humor, boundless generosity of time and spirit, and dedication to his friends and family are all well know to us, but many aren’t aware of how hard he worked to help keep S2ki the wonderful site that it is. The countless hours he spent as a forum administrator/moderator are just another example of the bigheartedness and devotion this magnificent man shared with us all.


Travis hosted many events for the So Cal S2k community, and his home was a place where we could gather and enjoy our cars as well as each other. Just this coming Sunday, he was holding a dent day and BBQ that would have undoubtedly turned into another of his great shindigs. There was never a dull moment when Travis was around, and his wonderful sense of humor could bring joy to the most mundane of moments.





Travis leaves behind his beloved wife Wendy and two young daughters. Words cannot express the extreme sadness we all feel for their loss. The love and respect they shared for each other was so apparent to each of us. What a joy it was to see these young people so much in love and so happy to be together. It only serves to make things that much more painful now. (Except the knowledge that they shared something many of us never are lucky enough to experience.)


Travis loved to drive his S2000, and I remember many conversations he and I had about his desire to get more involved in tracking his car. He was a passionate man, a beloved husband and father, a talented musician, and an asset to anyone he ever knew. He died doing one of those things he loved the most. I’ll close this with a little something Travis wrote about himself…


“Who am I? T9 aka (Travis H) Drummer of Acid Rain / Against the Wall / Mindwar / Mean Season / Ides of March / Shiva aka (Eyes of Fire) I spent most of my life in the music scene and now that I’ve put it behind me, I focus most of my time into the car scene. I’m addicted to racing on the track and souping up my S2000. I figure if I’m going to die .. it might as well be doing something I love. I’ve seen and done most everything I wanted to do in my life so where does the adventure go from here?”


Goodbye Travis… you have no idea how much you’ll be missed.

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