The track is calling… are you going to answer?

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We talk a lot about racing and tracking the S2000 at this site, and we know many of you are thinking that it looks fun, but that it’s probably beyond anything you’ll ever try in your S2k. Our hope with this little account is to take away any excuses/concerns that might be keeping you and your S2000 from one heck of a good time together. Here’s how I got hooked…


During the summer of 2003, just a few weeks after purchasing my first S2000, I was fortunate to attend Sac2k Days II. (#5 is coming soon… details to follow in an upcoming article) While relaxing in the lobby of the Reno Hilton, I was approached by S2ki member Aaron Harris (Strike) and our fearless S2ki leader cthree himself. They asked me a simple question: “You now own a track car; are you going to track it?”


I was very puzzled… I knew the S2000 was a great sports car with serious capabilities, but it’s not a “race car” I responded. They told me that an organization called SpeedVentures was holding an open track day the following month about 90 minutes from where I lived. They suggested that I come out and see the other S2000s that were there, and if it was something I’d like to do.

Like any red blooded American boy, I’d had dreams of racetrack glory since I could first pretend. I managed to survive many a boring school day by drifting off into dreams of winning the Indy 500, but other than possibly someday doing one of those very expensive racing schools, I figured my track experience would have to be just a fantasy.


With the prospect of making fantasy a reality, I drove out to the Mojave desert that Friday morning, not knowing the path it would lead me down. When I got to Willow Springs Raceway, I was directed to the “Streets” course located about a mile’s drive from the entrance through the pit area of Willow Springs International, and around its infamous turns 8 and 9. The scene brought back memories of being brought into the pit area at the Indy 500 when I was 8 years old, and I started to get pretty excited at the whole experience.


When I arrived at the track, I noticed several S2000s out running. Will (sphinkterMC) was there with his race prepped, supercharged, S2000 and he was chasing Rylan (krazik) who’s current race car still somewhat resembled a street car at the time. The speeds the two of them were flying around that track at were astounding, and I was truly impressed. What impressed me even more was the fact that there were several bone stock S2000s flying around the track going nearly as fast. I talked to some of the drivers, and they were all amazed at the confidence our car inspired on a racetrack, and how easy it was to learn and get fast with such a quality machine. I signed up right away for the next event.


Later this week… part two.


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