The Sleeper Has Been Awakened…

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A few weeks ago, we reported here about the upcoming “Wake the Dragon Run”, well, the event was, as always, a huge success. Here’s an account by Raul Alvarez, WTD coordinator:


Another Spring brings another Dragon event and this year’s Wake the Dragon was the 4th annual event for Honda S2000s. Folks from as far as South Florida, New York…even Minnesota came to take on the Dragon. Well over 175 S2000s and nearly 300 people enjoyed the weekend. The Dragon, known to some as “US 129” has an 11 mile section that flows from the border of Tennessee and North Carolina…in those 11 miles, 318 curves send you and your S2000 into euphoria!


The Spring time Dragon event brings about more participation mainly because it’s one of the first big S2000 events in the year and lots of folks are clamoring for some S2000 drive time. Another Dragon event, DragonBall Run is held in the Fall and will be on it’s 6th annual event this September.

Raul Alvarez, (airgate), is the event coordinator for Wake the Dragon and DragonBall Run and has been involved in since 2001 in coordinating the Dragon events. Raul also serves as a Site Moderator and the Carolina’s region as a Community Organizer. airgate has been a member of since November of 2000.

For WTD IV, airgate assembled a TEAM of organizers and included Ron and Sheila McCoy (Ron and smccoy), Bryan Hayes (SC_Highlander), James Humphrey (JAHumphrey) and Steve Headlee (sheadlee). “I couldn’t have done it without them,” says airgate. The Team was instrumental in finalizing many of the last minute details that go into an event of this size.

New for Wake the Dragon was it’s unique location. Nestled between the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee and only 15 minutes from the famed Dragon (US129), Fontana Village Resort was the obvious choice for this year’s HQ. Fontana offered many amenities including on property dining, inn rooms, cabins and more. “Fontana was like a village of S2000 owners…you saw S2000s everywhere, it was great!” shares airgate.

Plans are already underway for the 6th Annual DragonBall Run event which is September 22nd, 23rd and 24th. If you can, make your own plans to attend. One thing is for sure, ride the Dragon…and you’ll never forget the experience!


More info can be found on the Dragon by visiting or the DragonBall Run forum here on

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