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“Boy, you must get a lot of girls with that car!” Every time my friend Stan sees my Spa yellow S2000, that’s the first thing he says… Alas, he couldn’t be further from the truth.


While the S2000 is about as sexy a car as has ever been made, and was even voted so in a poll of women done by a magazine, it doesn’t seem to motivate them as do Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches, and even dull-boring Mercedes. Apparently, a car isn’t really sexy until it exceeds six figures in price.


Personally, I think this is terribly unfair. I’d protest, but I don’t know where to picket. An S2000 is clearly a sign of good taste, and it not only requires skill to drive, it takes finesse… What woman doesn’t appreciate finesse? (Heck, it even sounds girly!) It’s just a sign of the times… Apparently, most women don’t want men with taste and finesse; they want disposable income!!! (Don’t worry ladies; I’ll place a link at the end of this article to a thread where you can post your vociferous objections to my outrageously sexist opinions.) I’m sorry, but I speak from experience.

Here in Los Angeles, the conversation usually goes something like this:


Excited pretty young thing: “Cool car! What is it?”


Me: “An S2000.”


PYT: “Oooh, it looks really fast; who makes it?”


Me: “Honda.”


PYT: (eyes glazing over) “Oh… um… it’s, uh, cute… er… I gotta go now.”


Sorry guys… the S2000 won’t get you “hooked up.” (OK… if you’re 23 and trolling for 17 year old girls it might do the trick, but you could probably do just as well with an SRT4 and save the rest of the $$ for legal advice on statutory law.)


Women simply aren’t impressed by anything with a Honda moniker. Cry, scream, complain all you want, it just ain’t gonna happen. A friend with both an S2000 and an F360 said it succinctly:


“The S2000 is for the track; the Ferrari is for picking up chicks.”


Now… there is a converse side to this:


Ladies, an S2000 will definitely get you some serious action.


While a woman isn’t particularly turned on by the concept of a man driving a Honda, any Honda; the site of a lady behind the wheel of an S2k is absolutely irresistible to men! Let’s look at all one can learn from just this simple vision:


1) She knows how to drive a stick.


2) She wasn’t happy with “Miata” power and went for a car with some real giddy-up!


3) This is a woman who places performance above creature comforts.


4) She can be persuaded to go “topless” on a moments notice.


5) She might let you drive it.


C’mon guys, can you think of anything sexier?


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