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There will be a new S2000 driver’s series for 2007 to be called Spec S2k. There has never been a racing series specifically for the S2000 and we think it’s about time! Initially, this will be a time trial series with the competition being in time-attack fashion rather than wheel to wheel racing. This will allow many more drivers to get involved initially, as the cars will not have to be extensively modified.

There will be several mandated modifications such as a spec tire, suspension, and possibly a wing. There will also be a small selection of additional small modifications that will be allowed. (Each available modification will be assessed a point value and each car will be allowed to choose additional mods up to a predetermined number of “points.”)

There are race tracks all over the country, so competitions can be arranged in any region with enough participating drivers. Those interested in helping to organize events in their locale should post their interest in the discussion thread linked at the end of this article. Drivers interested in participating should also post up.


Here’s a listing of what will be required on all Spec S2k cars and what will be available as options. None of this is yet written in stone, so any comments or suggestions should be added to the discussion thread.

Required modifications:

The stock suspension is fine for street tires, but as we’ll be using r-compound tires, it just isn’t sufficient. At this point, the spec suspension will be the KW Variant 3 coilover system with no change in spring rate allowed from the included set. The KW system has consistently proved to be the lowest cost option that gives a significant improvement over stock, and the Go-Fast lab has promised special group-buy pricing for Spec S2k participants. The only other required suspension mod will be for pre-’04 S2000s. The bump-steer problem presents a significant enough safety concern that we’ve decided to make the bump-steer kit mandatory. Go-Fast has also promised special pricing for this important safety upgrade to make entry into the series as inexpensive as possible. Naturally, post ’03 models won’t need this upgrade.

Tires: Only 16” or 17” OEM wheels will be allowed, but any configuration is OK. (pre ‘04s will be allowed to run 17” OEMs and rears will be allowed to be run on the front to allow more tire. At this point, the spec tire will be the Toyo RA-1 shaved to 4/32nds. The RA-1 seems to offer the best combination of durability, grip, and available sizes. The Nitto NT01 would be a preferable choice as they don’t need to be shaved and Nitto is willing to sponsor the series by offering us exceptional pricing. Unfortunately, they don’t currently make the NT01 in the correct 16” sizes. We’ve spoken to the engineering staff at Nitto and they are considering making the sizes we’d need in order to become our series tire sponsor. The Nitto and Toyo r-comp tires are very comparable in price, hardiness, and grip, so either will be an excellent choice.

Wing: The final requirement under consideration is a wing. Those that have driven a winged S2000 on the track know that the difference between that and a wingless S2k is huge. A wing can provide tremendous down-force in turns and allow much faster speeds with arguably greater safety. A racing wing is also adjustable with regards to down angle, so the wing adjustment can make a huge difference from car to car. More angle makes the cars much faster in the turns but slower in the straights. Less angle does just the opposite. This would be the one area, besides compression/rebound adjustments, where drivers would have some control over tailoring their Spec S2k’s handling to their driving style. The only drawback to a wing is the expense. We’d like to make the series accessible to as many drivers as possible, and a wing (plus an extra trunk for those not wanting to drill their trunk or drive with a wing all the time) adds several hundred dollars to the cost of entry. Please post up your opinions about this in the discussion thread.

No other modification of any kind will be allowed with the exception of those listed below, Anything not listed isn’t allowed. Some mods are free and some will be assessed points. AP1s will be allowed an additional 40 points, AP2s an additional 25.

The following will be considered “free” modifications and are assessed no points:

Tires: up to 255 width
Alignment – any setting
Any brake pad
Any modification to stock rotors (cross-drilling, cryotreating, etc.)
Any brake fluid
Brake ducting allowed
Any brakelines
Any air filter
Any dual cat-back exhaust
Any clutch
Any chassis brace (X-brace, STB, etc.)
Modified stock throttle body
Any thermostat
Any radiator cap
Any heat shielding (Hondata gasket, engine bay insulation, etc.)
Any front or rear bumper (non-aero)
Any “body kit” pieces (non-aero), except lightweight hoods, panels
Any change to front or rear swaybars (including removal) non-adjustable bars only
Rollbars, seats, or any other safety equipment allowed
Weight savings: seats can be removed or replaced, plastic necessary to install rollbar or other safety equipment can be removed, spare tire, jack/tools can be removed, battery replaced. Nothing else can be removed.

Modifications that will be assessed points:

Final Drive gear change 25
ECU/Ignition Control 25
Any Changes to Stock Brakes 20
Front end aerodynamics (non-OEM) 20
Differential 20
Remove Catalytic Converter 15
AP2 trans in AP1 15
F22c motor in AP1 15
Non-wing rear end aero (diffuser) 15
V-TEC/Air Fuel Control (piggybacking) 15
Adjustable swaybar(s) 15
Hardtop 10 (25 if soft top and hardware are removed)
Single exhaust 10
Any Intake 10
Front A-arm change (camber kit) 10
Lightweight fenders or trunklid, (per panel) 10
Removal of Air Conditioning Unit 10
Flywheel 5
Header 5
Any hood 5


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