S2ki visits historic Watkins Glen

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As part of the annual Spring Fling event, attendees were given an extra special treat this year when they were allowed out on the track at one of America’s greatest raceways, Watkins Glen. Although these were only “parade laps” and therefore speed was supposed to be very limited, (since no helmets are required) the track officials allowed the S2ki bunch to go quite a bit faster than would normally be allowed, and even threw in an extra lap for good measure. The entire group gave a big thumbs-up to the staff at Watkins Glen for a fantastic time.

There were S2ki’ers in attendance from all over the North-East and a few from around the country. (Texas, California… they come from far and wide when Vintage throws a party!) It was a great time to visit with old friends and meet new ones. Please visit the thread linked at the end of this article to see the heartwarming posts from those in attendance as well as lots more photos.


The weekend featured many other events including a spirited scenic drive through the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, a banquet, lots of fun and silliness, and a beautiful tribute to Tom Curda, (Tomcatt) a beloved S2ki member who lost a long, heroic fight with cancer May 24th. Tom was always a hugely popular addition to the Spring Fling events. His wife Hilly (Tomcatt+1) and her mother were there to represent the family, and it was especially nice to have them in attendance.


Special thanks go to:

Deb (MsPerky) for putting this whole thing together. Even though she couldn’t attend, she organized the event down to the last detail.

Doug (triple-H) and Eric (Eric N) for mapping out the drive route. And for making the arrangments for the parade laps at Watkins Glen.

To the drive leaders who did their usual great job:
Doug (triple-H)
Eric (Eric N)
Jonas (JonasM)
Matt (Matt In_va)

Tee shirts and magnets:
Rob (ralper) Sheila (zcarcrazy)

Patty (kyras) for making the name tags and the Tomcatt “In Memoriam” ribbons.

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