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Want to keep your S2k looking its best? Lucky for you, one of S2ki’s wash and wax gurus, Michael Cohen (mikeyc), has written an outstanding 88 page guide, complete with photos, specifically about detailing the Honda S2000. As a very kind gesture, he’s made this manual available as a free download to our S2ki family. Look for the link at the end of this article. If you want your car to be the envy of all who see it, (even other S2000 owners) read on…


If you’re reading this article you’re likely an S2000 owner which undoubtedly has made you the envy of friends, neighbors, and relatives.  The S2000 is clearly the best sports car in its price range and attracts many admirers who often ask “what is that?”  However, are you embarrassed that your car attracts too much attention because it doesn’t quite look as good as it should? When people come over to gawk at your car wouldn’t you rather that it look its best?

There’s a distinct difference between having a clean car and having a well detailed car.  Having a well detailed S2000 will make you the envy of other S2000 owners.  Unfortunately, having a professional regularly detail your car can be quite costly. Not only that, finding a good detailer can be a hit or miss proposition.  For approximately the cost of a single complete detail performed by a high quality detailer you can buy the supplies necessary to have your car looking like a show car for years to come.


Once you decide to detail your car many people new to detailing have 100 questions like “is it OK to bring my car to the car wash?” or “am I doing this right?” or “how do I find a professional detailer to do this for me?”  Other people are simply overwhelmed by the numerous detailing tasks, chemicals, tools, machines, and terminology.  Getting started in detailing can be just plain difficult.


A great resource to learn about detailing, get some questions answered, and get an idea of what you’ll need is The Detailing Hand BookThe Detailing Hand Book is the only detailing “how to” book written specifically for owners of the Honda S2000.  The Detailing Hand Book covers many, many beginner, intermediate, and advanced detailing processes.  The book not only gives step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish each detailing task, but it also gives suggestions for products, helpful hints & tips, and suggestions on how to further your detailing education.  The best part is . . . it’s available for FREE!!


Simply follow the link below to download or print your copy of The Detailing Hand Book.


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