Interior Mods… What if you want a bit more comfort?

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One of the issues many reviewers (and new owners) have with the S2000 is the lack of creature comforts and “bells and whistles.” In creating a “pure driver’s car,” Honda didn’t feel it necessary to add too much extraneous gadgetry and bling to the S2000’s barebones approach to fun.


While most of us appreciate Honda’s “purist” approach, many owners would like to add just a bit to the experience. Realizing this, Honda has upgraded the interior over the past few years, now offering headrest speakers, two tone interiors, a bit more bling in the console, etc… but what are your options beyond that, or if you’ve got an older model?

The first thing many of you will want to upgrade is the stereo system. While the current radio is a huge improvement over the anemic original included in the ’00 and ’01 models, it still leaves the music lover with something to be desired. While we would have to question the inclusion of a true audiophile system in a car as noisy as an S2000, an upgrade can definitely enhance your driving experience.


An upgraded head unit is usually preferable to just adding amplification to the original factory unit. An amplifier would help a bit, but also exaggerate the weaknesses already present. Our own Go-Fast-Lab sells the Modifry dash controller conversion module which will allow you to use many or all of the dashboard controls with virtually any aftermarket head unit.


The next step many will consider is the replacement/upgrade of the front speakers to a pair that can better utilize the extra power of the new head unit. Rear speakers are also a big enhancement, especially with the top down. While many place rear speakers in the panels behind the seat, this unfortunately causes them to play right into the backs of the driver/passenger and isn’t really optimal. The factory solution of headrest speakers is available to the rest of us with the addition of S-Pods, an ingenious design by another S2ki member. (link) These place the speakers right behind the head, and allow you to enjoy your tunes, even with the top down on the freeway. (All factory radios from ’02 on have an output for rear speakers, so this is an option even if you choose not to upgrade the head unit.)


A power amp, trunk mounted CD/MP3 changer, GPS navigation, there’s much more available to the electronics junkie. Take a look around S2ki’s Electronics Forum for the latest goodies. One S2ki member removed his passenger airbag and replaced it with a concealed pop-up laptop computer. (Not too good for safety, but it looked REALLY cool!) Only your imagination can limit you.


How about other creature comforts?


Several of our site sponsors offer some wonderful upgrades for your interior. Both Rick’s and Muz have some very plush carpeting options available. These generous sized carpet-mats cover most of the floor area and are available in both wool and synthetic fibers with a host of leather and vinyl trim colors to match your S2000’s exterior. Rick’s also offers a number of exterior color matching high-quality leather interior accessories such as visor covers, console covers, shift boots, headrest cushions, wheels and body badges, and more. There are also several online vendors who offer complete leather upgrade kits which replace the seat covering and door panels with better leather and can also be matched to exterior colors.


There are also a number of dash kits available if basic black isn’t your thing. There are many options including wood grain, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc…


Some of you just want to get in your S2000 and drive… For the rest of us, there are lots of options and goodies to further enhance to total S2000 experience. Your car is what you make it… Enjoy!

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