The 2006 S2000 Challenge Series winds down…

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With only two more events on this year’s race calendar, the ’06 S2k Challenge series is nearly complete. The most competitive class this year has by far been the newly created Production Class. This class features cars that have been heavily modified for the track, but are still streetable in their current form. (In other words… just short of a full race car)


This class was established to separate these cars from the Modified Class of which they were previously a part, since they tended to be much more significantly upgraded than the typical “Mod” class car. (Which usually features just r-compound tires or minor performance upgrades)

With just the two events remaining, Production is still wide open with a number of contestants still in contention for the championship. The current point standings are as follows:


Sri – 41
HunterEZ – 32
cthree – 28
payneinthe – 24
RL – 22
Raymund – 21
eautosports – 20
point a-b-c – 18
Maxrev – 18


Sriram Balasubramaniam (pantyraider) is still clinging to his lead, but Kelvin Yong (HunterEz) has been coming on strong of late. Two late entries, Tony Payne (payneinthe) and Raymund Navarro (Raymund) have put up some very impressive times and have established themselves as serious contenders for next year’s championship, while putting themselves in the running for an ’06 podium finish as well. Our fearless leader Erik Petersen (cthree) would also be a very serious contender if we could get him out to a few more events!


The Stock Class appears to be a lock right now for “Battle of the Big Boys” victor Ray Saeini. Ray did some very fine driving this year to back up his pre-season prediction of victory, and his present lead appears insurmountable. The rest of the Stock podium is still wide open, however, so stay tuned for the photo finish! Here are the current standings:


rsaeni – 44
D Griswold – 28
dragonheart – 21
ML – 20
4xfordbronc – 18
ap2_s2k – 14
blanka98 – 14
Blues Power – 14


The Modified Class was not as competitive this year as it has been in the past due to the number of drivers moving into the newly formed Production Class. As a result, one competitor (your humble author) has pretty much run away with the top spot for ’06, but as in stock, the rest of the podium is still up for grabs. Current standings are as follows:


Hollywood S – 98
Nimbus – 56
Raymund – 36
kjechel – 22
Krazik – 21
KrazyKarim – 19
StinkyTofu – 18
spikej – 16


Finally, there is the Unlimited Class. As the cars in this class are mostly full-on race cars, most of the Unlimited drivers chose to spend the ’06 season competing wheel to wheel in SCCA’s Honda Cup. That said, there has been an Unlimited competition this season, and the results so far are as follows:


RL – 45
krazik -25
Kyle – 12


It appears Richard Laifatt will pick up where he left off by trading in his past three years as modified champ to become the ’06 Unlimited Champion, with Rylan Hazelton and Kyle Schon rounding out the podium. All the drivers in this class are exceptional, so we’re glad to have them competing… even if it is only “part time.”

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