The End of S2000, V8 Program and CR-Z Convertible

By - news, as what it seems to be the end of sport design by Honda.

According to a report in a British Magazine, plans of  the successor of the S2000, the V8 engine and the CRZ convertible are dropped off.

The convertible version of the new Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe is left aside and will not see production along with the anticipated successor of the Honda S2000, which will definitely die this year.

The development of a new V8 engine for the rear drive cars has also stopped.  It was stated that the new Honda V8 engine was set to be the wrong engine to design and manufacture, as  Honda engineers mentioned that it  was too heavy and big.  Honda’s product planners claimed that they had trouble to figure out how to make the engine cost-effective.

Honda now just focus on hybrid technologies and is expected to see a variety of hybrids that will hit the market.

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