S2K Challenge Series: 6th race at Willow Springs International Motorsports Park

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user posted imageArticle by Edward Lee (600rr_rocket)

We have now passed the halfway mark in the exciting 2009 S2K Challenge Series. The sixth S2K Challenge event was held on 5/10/09 at Streets of Willow track in the Willow Springs International Motorsports Park. This time around, we ran the clockwise configuration; back in 3/6/09 (S2K Challenge #3), we ran counter-clockwise. Hard to argue which configuration is more “fun”; it’s like running on two completely different tracks. Budweiser or Coors?

From a lap time perspective, historical data shows us that CCW is approximately 0.5-1sec faster than CW, given similar weather/conditions. Speaking of weather, the 3/6/09 was cold and windy with the low in the morning at 34F and a high of 57F. Today’s weather could not be more contrasting: the high was 93F and track temps far exceeded 100F.

Even on this lovely Mother’s Day, attendance amongst the S2K participants was high. Qualifying lap times for most were fastest in the morning when the temps were low/medium, and during the scorching afternoon many saw their lap times linger just above their bests. Speedventures ran a dedicated S2K Challenge Time Attack Session at the end of the day. Cars were gridded based on qualifying times during the day, and sent off one by one: one warm-up lap, two timed laps, and one cool-down lap.

Perhaps due to slightly cooler temps, or maybe due to the extra boost of competition-driven adrenaline, many broke their best qualifying lap times during the Time Attack session. I’d like to recognize the “most improved” driver of the day, Alan Hamada (9th place in Street Class – 1:36.527): His FIRST trackday ever and improved a full SIX seconds during the Time Attack session over his fastest lap of day…great job!

Congratulations to all the winners!!! A breakdown of the event results and current series standings:

Street Class:

1st – Nam Yoon (VitaRenovatio) – 1:29.486 – 10pts Free Valve Adjustment (Logic Motorsports)

2nd – William Chen (bellwilliam) – 1:29.707 – 8 pts Free Oil Baffle Pan (R&D Factory)

3rd – Joel Perez – 1:30.106 – 6pts Free Dent Pull (Mike’s Ultimate Dent Removal) + Coupon for 30% off any S2000 Part (APR Performance)

4th – Joel Lepoutre – 1:30.555 – 5pts
5th – Anthony Schifane (MADANT15) – 1:32.795 – 4pts
6th – Filip Craciun (kinchu007) – 1:33.153 – 3pts
7th – Steve Barry (TsukubaSteve) – 1:33.356 – 2pts
8th – Mike Kang (psychoazn) – 1:35.815 – 1pts

Modified Class:

1st – Michael Tsay (dipstick) – 1:27.372 – 10pts Free Valve Adjustment (Tony Fuchs Racing / Mid Valley Auto)

2nd – Yuyen Huang (jaku) – 1:28.219 – 8 pts Free Oil Change (Tony Fuchs Racing / Mid Valley Auto)

3rd – Emilo Cervantes (949racing) – 1:28.230 – 6pts Free Dent Pull (Mike’s Ultimate Dent Removal) + Coupon for 30% off any S2000 Part (APR Performance)

4th – Mat Mueller (autoxgti983) – 1:28.319 – 5pts
5th – Ed Lee (600RR_Rocket) – 1:28.838 – 4pts
6th – Alex Peng (momofolio) – 1:30.790 – 3pts
7th – Kevin Courtney – 1:33.130 – 2pts

Unlimited Class:

1st – Mark Tsai (colakitty)– 1:25.644.372 – 10pts $40 Speedventures Gift Certificate

2009 S2K Challenge Current Standings

Street Class:

Nam Yoon (vita renovation) 34
Emilo Cervantes (949racing) 30
Joel Perez 18
Dino Antonov (antonov) 16
Dustin Dessero (ddess) 14
Paul Asterline (SDRACING) 10
Filip Craciun (kinchu007) 9
Charles Ng (MiataCharles_HK) 8
Tom Liang 8
Mike Skowron (S2kfrog) 8
William Chen (bellwilliam) 8
Kevin Lui (terahertz) 6
Joel Lepoutre 5
Kenny Tuey (innovation) 4
Anthony Schifane (MADANT15) 4
Jonathon Hayag (End You) 3
William Jou (spikej) 3
Samuel Jih (samsam5886) 2
Adrian Torres 2
Steve Barry (TsukubaSteve) 2
Jason Paul (jp555sovl) 1
Wytt Lusanandana (Wytt) 1
Kiwook Moon (kiwookster) 1
Mike Kang (psychoazn) 1

Modified Class:

Michael Tsay (dipstick) 42
Yuyen Huang (jaku) 35
Mark Tsai (colakitty) 34
Si Tang (nsxtasi) 20
Kangwoo Park (ted park) 16
Edward Lee (600rr_rocket) 14
Alex Peng (momofolio) 9
William Chen (bellwilliam) 8
Ivan Hung (smile) 8
Matt Feng Zhu (windforce) 6
Emilo Cervantes (949racing) 6
Mark Sundberg (markhsz) 5
Mat Mueller (autoxgti983) 5
Blue Santamaria (-outkast-) 3
Emilo Cervantes (949racing) 2
Kevin Courtney 2
Chris Elders (F20Kills) 1
Daryl Chan (darylcha) 1

Unlimited Class:

Rylan Hazelton (krazik) 10
Tim Kuo (stinkytofu) 10
Owen Guo (Owenxguo) 10
Mark Tsai (colakitty) 10
Robert Burch (rob.ok) 8

The next S2K Challenge at the Big Track at Willow Springs International Raceway (6/27)…see you all there!!!

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