Brawn GP will put on auction Honda F1 cars at the Silverstone Classic Event

By - Brawn GP is on top at this year F1 Championship, the team is putting on auction several Honda F1 cars from previous seasons. Sponsorship growth is here anyway, but Brawn GP will give the opportunity to get some additional funds by selling few parts of F1 history. This is a great chance for collectors to get their hands on, and help the team at the same time. Nick Fry, Brawn GP’s CEO said that “We are delighted to be able to give collectors and our fans the opportunity to share in our history and purchase some fantastic items, including actual race cars, through this unique sale”.

The auction will take place at the Silverstone Classic Historic Race Meeting on June 25, 2009. The prices of the F1 cars are expected to be sold between the region of $11,500 – $36000.

All that we can say is good luck with the sale!

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