Takanubo Ito says no to V8 engine and rear wheel driving

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https://i2.wp.com/www.exchange3d.com/cubecart/images/uploads/aff530/Honda_Logo_01.jpg?resize=336%2C252And just when we though that, maybe the new Honda’s CEO will reconsider the decision of previous CEO Takeo Fukui plans for the NSX successor, a shocking statement by Ito has put as down.  Takanubo Ito said that “I don’t think we need a classic front-engine, rear-drive car. It would be meaningless to emulate what other companies have done for more than five decades. We are considering incorporating new engines, motors, transmissions and chassis into mid- to large-sized hybrid vehicles.”

He has also confirmed that V8 engines and rear wheel driving are not a part of Honda’s future.

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