S2K Challenge Series: 9th Race at the Buttonwillow

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Photo The 9th event of 2009’s S2k Challenge took place Saturday, September 26, 2009 at Buttonwillow Raceway’s 13CW. Speedventures hosted the dedicated Time Trial at the end of the day, with 2 clean hot laps for each competitor. With Ed’s absence, Emilio Cervantes and William Chen stepped in seamlessly to organize and keep everything going smoothly. Temps popped the 100 deg mark and BW’s new Canopy “misters” were a godsend. With the cool AM air, most of the fastest laps were in the 1st or 2nd sessions.  Many offs during practice resulted in plenty of dust on track and consequently, randomly slippery conditions.

Only three events remain including this one so everyone was running harder and faster, looking for those last valuable points in their respective classes. The margin of victory was as tight as ever….

Participation in The Challenge looked to be quite big in the morning with many newbies wanting to sample the fun.
However, attrition was high and quite a few competitors pulled out due to the heat or off-track excursions (such as this new CR that went off big after the Esses – Driver & Pass. OK)

Follow this link for more information and race results

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