New Asimo to debut at the Genoa Science Festival

By - new ASIMO goes to Italy and will make the debut at Genoa Science Festival. This is the seventh year of the Science Festival in Italy which consists of hundreds of event such as exhibitions, workshops, interactive displays, live shows and music. This year the theme of the festival is The Future and ASIMO will be at Genoa for ten days as a high profile example of the type of technology that might be commonplace in our society in 10 to 20 years time. Commenting on ASIMO’s visit, Manuela Arata, President of the Genoa Science Festival, said: “This year’s festival explores the exciting concept of ‘the future’; an imaginary place that becomes reality through hard work and imagination.”

“This philosophy is no stranger to Honda’s engineers, who have worked continuously since 1986 to achieve their own vision of the future; a future where humanoid robots help people in their everyday lives. We, and our main sponsor Hofima, are delighted to welcome the latest generation of this fascinating research project to the Genoa Science Festival and we are sure it will thrill the visitors of this year’s festivities.”

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