Honda Europe gives the green light for 20 Mugen Civic Type-R

By - news for Honda and Mugen fans, since the Mugen Civic Type-R limited production of only 20 cars will go ahead. Those cars will be hand build in the UK by Mugen’s European division. Prices are expected to be set at £38,599 ($64,000 or €42,900 at the current exchange rates). It is still not confirmed if all cars will be right or left handed driven. Hiroki Toyoda, Vice President of Mugen Euro said that “Each Type-R MUGEN will be an exclusive, hand-built race car for the road. When we launched the Civic Type RR saloon in Japan, we sold out of all 300 units in just six minutes. Given the interest we have already had from car enthusiasts in the UK and abroad, we hope to repeat that achievement”.

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