The end of the NSX or the beginning of the new NSX?

By - will shake things around to all Honda fans and particular those who can’t wait to see if a new NSX successor may finally rise or not. Honda has formally announced that they will no longer use the NSX-GT in the GT500 class of the Super GT. The main reason is that the new rules of 2010 Super GT require all GT500 cars to be equipped with a front engine and a rear wheel drive. This means that the NSX-GT will not be racing next year unless Honda presents a new NSX. Now, this will be a challenge for Honda, since the NSX-GT has been on poll 49 times and has won 36 times. We all remember several reports and test drives around the track of the NSX successor. The engine was ready, the body was finished, the prototype car in general was complete besides few final settings that were tested on track. We certainly hope that Honda will think over again if they want to continue their heritage in the world of racing, unless of course they want to ruin everything as they did in Formula One!

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