American Honda new port facility in Richmond will help reduce CO2 emissions in California

By - Honda has made a really great and very clever decision to reduce the CO2 emissions produced, by eliminating 1,720 truck trips from San Diego all the way to northern California. To achieve this major task, Honda American announced the opening of a third West Coast port facility in Richmond, California. This means that a substantial portion of company’s current vehicle import operations will be shifted from the port of San Diego to the new Richmond facility. This will help American Honda to increase efficiently the service on Honda and Acura dealers in Northern California and will support greater rail capacity for transporting vehicles to points east.

Dennis Manns, assistant vice president of logistics for American Honda said that “Establishing these operations in Richmond will help us secure and balance our long-term logistics needs. This additional port not only ensures future rail and port capacity, but it also has a net environmental benefit, a key goal for Honda in all of its operations.”

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