Trading your S2000 for another S2000 instead of getting a family car! 

By - sometimes is full of surprises. And is even better, when there is an S2000 involved and a good deal. This is what happened to 03 9g an S2K owner who was looking after a Pilot for his family and ended up trading his… ready to be serviced S2000, for another S2000 in great condition. The fun part is his excitement as described through his words in the following topic. Next step is to go after a Pilot and get another S2000 again for the wife.

“I laughed and asked for the details . Result, ended up trading in my car for the SAME CAR , SAME YEAR , SAME COLOR unreal …feels like I won something. My new s now has 29K …and is like brand new !!!”

S2000 Forums -> Honey am going to look at a pilot… whoops another S

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