Ode to an S2000

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Did you ever got inspired by something or someone to write a poem about? Well, David got inspired by his S2000 and composed an Ode to An S2000.

I’m an S2000!
I like clear highways and twisty roads.
Don’t box me in with your old truck loads!

I’m an S2000!
You better be fast to keep up with me.
(Mini-Coopers: You ain’t got the H.P.!)

I’m an S2000!
I need open space to run fast and prowl.
Who needs a stereo? Just hear me growl!

I’m an S2000!
Do NOT park next to me and ding my doors.
I am a beauty, a car to adore!

I’m an S2000!
Take care of me and I’ll take care of you
Feeling sad? When you’re with me, you won’t feel blue!

© David C. Bratt, 2009

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