It’s the most wonderful time of the year…S2000’s frolicking in the snow or not

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A very happy new year to everyone on here. While the clock ticking over and the new decade arriving has gotten old, whats started anew is this massive arctic chill over much of the world (meaning the eastern United States, Canada and Western Europe, sorry everyone else I have a narrow worldview 😀 ). Snow and ice are all fun for a day but the continual lingering presence of the cold makes one yearn for the arrival of spring.

My S2000 has been winterized and parked away for the winter. I followed the rules and guidelines set forth on the site and since mid-November of 2009 have been missing man’s best friend (with apologies to all the fine ladies on here). Anyone world-wide seeking tips on how to store the S for an extended period or for the winter should review the information at this link.
A Hibernating S2000

However don’t let this put a damper on your season, the S2000 is a capable albeit a handful winter car once it is properly attired. Check out this link on how you can set up your car (winter tires) so you can drive it on the nicer winter days once the streets are clear. Once you have read the advice you may feel the urge to pull the S out of storage and hit :vtec: so be warned 😀

Most of Upstate New York, my home community, has parked away their pride and joy, yet there are a few among us who brave the snow and icy conditions for they believe it will be a cold day in hell before they park away their cars.Upstate S2KI member Mark355 trudging through Snow With the arctic chill ensuring that I stayed indoors longer, I looked over to see how things have been going for people in our geographic communities who’ve been shell shocked by this unexpected blitz of wintry weather that definitely is overstaying its welcome.

I decided to first start with the UK S2000 Community, especially as they’ve been in the news quite a bit. Their beautiful island usually known for its milder winters seems to have had a lot of mis-directed snow and it looks like UK owners made the most of a snowy day and got to have some fun in their cars.S2k's in Action - S2ki member Shiskine

Not everything was hunky dory though and people have had some mishaps, but luckily for them and us, there has been no loss of life and limb.

As I looked more and more I found this amusing and amazing thread – Who is driving his S this winter through the snow? 😆

It does seem like fun to be driving in the snow, but discretion being the better part of valor, I think I’ll let this winter pass and brave it out with my other V-TEC monster – A Transformers character called Rumble on this planet as the humble Civic Si.


Images courtesy of S2ki members Triple-H, Mark355 & Shiskine

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