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The freezing days of winter make us long for the joy of Spring and Summer. This longing is almost always induced (especially for us VTEC nuts) by the memories of the past season’s group drives, meets, cruises (or whatever you may choose to call it) that our communities organize during the months the sun shines and the flowers bloom. One of the first to respond to our comrade Energetic’s PM calling for community participation in our blog program  (actually the only eager respondent 😀 ), was JulieU Community Organizer of the Oklahoma S2000 forums.

JulieU PMed me with information about MOM (for all you filthy minds, it stands for Mid-west Owners Meet 2009) and something called a Boston Mountain Run (never knew there was something like that, but again I have a narrow world-view).
Midwest Owners at Lees Summit Honda

Both events had a large participation from several S2000 owners from six different states and as you will see in the links shared below seemed like a lot of fun for all those that participated. For folks wondering how so many cars can get together and have fun, lets say it’s all down to some useful tips on how to organize and run a successful group drive.

The MOM09 meet was held on May 16th and 17th of 2009 with all the cars converging at Lee’s Summit Honda in Lees Summit, MO from where the cars headed out to Lake Jacomo for a cruise around the lake and a stop for lunch. Lunch was then followed by a longer cruise with the day concluding with dinner at KC Masterpiece BBQ & Grill. The following day saw a smaller group of S2000 owners hitting the nearest go-kart facility for a fun session of clipping apexes.
Lunch at Lake Jacomo Lining up for lunch at MOM

Check out this awesome video of MOM09 created by S2KI member Vectorsumio
MOM09 (Mid-west Owners Meet May 2009)

That sounded like fun didn’t it?? 🙂

Now on to the Boston Mountain Run. The Boston Mountains are part of the Ozarks and span parts of the states of Arkansas & Oklahoma. Participants included S2000’s from Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Kansas. This event started out as a tiny group of S2000’s (of the Ark-La-Tex S2000 forums) out on cruise and as it gained popularity it appears that the organizers have had to disappoint several prospective participants by limiting the run to 50 cars.
BMT Welcome sign
The tour starts early with a registration and then a morning section and an afternoon section with a stop for lunch. The organizers claim that this run is geared towards running on some of the best roads befitting an S in the Boston Mountains region, and I’m sure the participants had a lot of fun as is the case when the words S2000 and mountain roads are used in the same sentence.
BMT - Staging area

Kudos to the organizers of both the drives as well as to all the participants for organizational efforts will have come to naught with no participation. I also have it on record from the organizers that the Boston Mountain Run in all likelihood has run its course and I’m sure I’m not alone when I express hope that this run will continue for the oncoming seasons and that the VTEC roar will continue to reverberate among the peaks and valleys of the Boston Mountains. Tip of the hat to JulieU for forwarding this information to us.

For more pictures of MOM click here
and click here pictures from the last Boston Mountain Run

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