Guess who really runs Honda? (Opinion piece by Onehots2k)

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Do I look like I run Honda!!!

Do I look like I run Honda!!!

I always believe Honda worked to the beat of a very different drummer. I didn’t figure out exactly who it was until right now. Let us examine some of the evidence that explains this corporation is led by someone special. I believe that they have zero interest in being that oh-so sought after “number 1.” Over the last decade GM has enjoyed the title. Toyota has enjoyed showing it off as well. You even have Volkswagen AG’s CEO jumping on his soapbox claiming they will topple Toyota and GM by 2018. Does Honda really care? I’d say no. They were en route to becoming the 4th largest and their VP said this: “we have no plans to acknowledge or celebrate the change.” He went on to explain that they look at sales and objectives, not ranks.

The pickup truck market has always been quite lucrative here in the U.S. It is almost always the best selling vehicle year after year. They really represent the mobile backbone of this country. Honda did not have an interest in getting into that market until 2006. And when they did, they went after people that really didn’t need a truck! Even Toyota has been producing a truck in some form for decades. This brings me back to point number 1: the automotive pecking order means next to nothing for them.

How about their reluctance to bring the power? Honda’s most powerful engine is currently found in the 2010 Acura TL. It’s 3.7 liter V6 produces a stout 305 horsepower and 273lb feet of torque. The car might be a bit heavy but it’s very competent. Keep in mind that the 2011 Ford Mustang V6 is officially more powerful. You read that right. After 60 plus years, do you really think they can’t produce a very powerful and efficient high horsepower motor? Of course they could! They are the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion motors. It’s all a matter of choice, what they believe in, and what they continue to believe in. So, who exactly is running the show?

Their leader must be none other than Asimo. Shocking, I know. It stands at a whopping 4ft 3 inches and 115 pounds. It really strives to help humans. He thoroughly enjoys aiding us in mowing our lawns.

The buck stops with me :-)

The buck stops with me 🙂

In fact I believe it wants to be human. Look at all of the concepts and machines Honda has created to ease mobility. The coolest to date is that contraption that takes the stress of your back. What about that HondaJet ?

The Honda dream takes flight

The Honda dream takes flight

It’s projected to be faster more spacious and efficient than anything currently in its class. Asimo has even green lighted himself to be reproduced. There are at least 100 ASIMO’s around the world now. We can’t hate on it too much. I do believe he was instrumental in throwing us enthusiasts a couple tasty bones over the past twenty years. They remain in the same league as other automakers but continue to shoot at different baskets. The Power of Dreams (ASIMO’s). Say what?


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