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Do you ever feel that your S2000 might be feeling lonely sometimes? A strong bond between the driver and the S2000 is instantly generated; love at first sight. But what about your S2000, do you think it is in love with the driver or perhaps with another S2000? I am convinced that when two S2000s bump in, they flirt by blinking their headlights.

Now, imagine another real-life occurrence; a couple chatting on the phone: “Hello darling, what time shall I pick you up tomorrow?” and the answer going as: “Don’t worry, honey, I’ll come over to your place instead and pick you up”. Well, both ends are in the middle of a cute little argument upon deciding who will pick up whom. Oh come on, now! Why would anyone be caught up in such a conversation? The answer is simple, yet interesting. We are both owners of a Honda S2000 and loving it!

So how is life for a couple who own the same car? We want to share both perspectives and viewpoints as to the ownership/relationship. Fortunately, we are not the only couple on S2KI who own an S2000. JulieU and humbles2k are also a couple who met on S2KI and currently living together. However, they were owners before they even got together. JulieU met her boyfriend in 2005. Amazingly, he had bought his on Valentine’s Day. Talking about love at first sight? He was astonished that she listed among those who were deeply in love with their car probably more than him. Talking about breaking a perpetual stereotype? They were two people passionate about their car, brought together in life thanks to the S2KI. Talking about the best match-maker?

Of course, every silver lining has a dark cloud; modifications now cost them twice as much! But thankfully for them, they never have to worry about the steering wheel or the radio controls as they’ve sorted it out by each driving their own S.

Personally, I couldn’t agree more!

My girlfriend, Kita, was acquainted with the Honda S2000 many years ago and since then, it had become sort of a wishful thinking for her. That is because certain circumstances in life prevented her from buying it. However, her love itself for this magnificent car grew evermore. Her interest in it brought her steps to the S2KI Community to which she became a member in 2005, eager to gain more knowledge from the very source of data and know-how on this model. That was when I met her. Back then, I was an owner of a 2000 Monte Carlo blue S2000, engaged with my own little project of turning it into a full J’s Racing S.

Our communication consisted mainly of internet interaction and some friendly dates. I vividly remember her reaction after comfortably sitting in the leather seat of my S and in-breathed its mesmerizing scent; was she a freak or what? I took her for a spin before our arrangement to have some sushi and I think we had made the best choice. Raw fish for this car that excelled in rawness in any aspect there is; the sound of the motor as it revs high, the feel of the torque in our – empty at that time – stomach was the best starter one could have asked for! The night turned out to be quite amusing, among empty wasabi jars, the remnants of ginger slices and sake bottles. Oh, and no air conditioning. The years rolled on, so did both of us, in different directions.


Roughly four years had passed when our paths crossed again – and this time it was in the real world. I now owned a New Formula Red S2000, now engaged in an effort to convince myself – as well as my mates – that it would remain custom. Yeah, right. My recent upgrade was a carbon fibre J’s Racing Hood. I am sometimes caught in the act of browsing through some new product to equip my car with (or maybe hers!). Caught in the act red-handed. At present, though, she can totally comprehend me, especially now that she also owns an S2000. And as a matter of fact, a New Formula Red as well.


And this takes us to identifying the love for something material and spiritless with someone animate and soulful. I can’t help but wonder; has it laid the foundation for something as concrete as our relationship, even when we had no idea what was in store for us? Driving this unique car is an activity ingrained within the depths of our heart. However, it has turned our appetite for it into pure greediness. Ironically, it has become a reason to quarrel over whose car we’ll use and always resolving into using them both. Getting past this cute controversy, numerous possibilities for fun come along. Checking the reflection of my girlfriend’s S in my mirror or vice versa; muting my favorite song on the player to savor the sound of her HKS exhaust and AEM V2 intake. When using the highway to or from Athens, other possibilities present themselves; most notably, the game of “greetings”. That is a game inspired by me when once stuck in heavy traffic on our way to the city. I tried to signal just to check how alert she was by blinking my indicators. Her immediate response was to dip the headlights. Now this was followed by variations like using the fog light, slightly pressing the brakes to blink the rear indicators and so on. The combinations turned out to be numerous, as well as our reactions. Laughing our hearts out as we traveled on. Okay, maybe we were a bit laughed at by the surrounding drivers but who gives a damn!

People might wonder why on earth two people use the very same car. They might judge driving it in the same color. They might also call you a copycat or even degrade you to being manly. No gentlemen, we’re down with the sickness! I’ve come to realize that there’s a reason red is for love. It’s an innate sense elicited every time I repose in its seat – as a driver or a co-driver. Red is the color that stands for passion for one another in a peculiar foursome that has enlarged itself to toosome!

Being in love is such a high! I am talking about the kind of unconditional, head-to-heels, ever-lasting, core-shaking love. But not just a man for a woman.

To some, a car is just a vehicle that takes you from A to B. To us, owning an S2000 is a magic red pill swallowed every time we sit tightly behind the wheel and softly close the door. Red for passion, that is. When you’re down with the sickness it is awfully hard to recover. There’s no magic wand for coming round, or is there? Yes, we are down; and we have no intention of getting over!

NOTE: S2KI welcomes the opinions of its members on the S2000 and on all topics related to the S. Should you feel the creative urge to pen a few words then by all means do so and PM Energetic, Aashish2 or Onehots2k OR send us links to what you would like us to write about and we will feature you (or your community) on the S2KI Home Page.

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