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A "fine" vintage gathering at Tomcatt 2009

The word Vintage, has several meanings. It could mean (among others), old-fashioned or obsolete, or it could mean being the best of its kind. The S2000 Vintage Owners forum definitely fits the latter meaning. While the word “vintage’ may certainly have some negative connotation, this forum, in my humble opinion, is the farthest from any such thing.

Fall Colors 2007 Drive

My memory goes back to the time when I saw the Vintage badge  adorning the signature of several of the Upstate Members and wondering what it meant. The S was a modern car, so did the Vintage badge mean that the person carrying the badge also owned a vintage automobile? Curiosity got the better of me, and I asked, and was told what the vintage badge meant and also how much it meant to those who carried it.

Spring Fling 09 at Cape May, NJ

The S2000 Vintage Owners forum (hence forth referred to as Vintage forum or Vintage) began life early in August 2003 when the S2000 was probably still a pipe dream for most of us young un’s. It’s formation driven by the bonds that were forged between members belonging to several geographic regions. Its foundation resting on camaraderie, respect for each other, and a forum where agreements and disagreements can fester no ill feeling.

In the words of MsPerky – one of the founders: “I discovered S2Ki in November 2002, a year and a half after I bought my first S2000. Among the people who were already members and posting regularly in different threads were ralper and paS2K. After a few months of getting to know one another and others online, we hatched the idea of having a forum devoted to members who not only shared a love of the S2000, but some life experience as well. We approached cthree about our idea, and were granted our request. The Vintage Forum became official in August 2003. Our only criterion for membership was being 40 or older, but we always encouraged (and still do) younger members to participate and post. Ralper and I became the first community organizers of the forum and it took off. Vintage has been, from the beginning, one of the most successful forums on S2Ki.

Tomcatt 2009

Although some members have moved on (and some, sadly, have passed on), Vintage continues to thrive with some original members as well as the newer ones who’ve joined over the years. We extended our online friendships to offline meets. Many of us met for the first time at Fall Colors 2003, held in Hagerstown, MD. Rick Hesel organized the first Spring Fling, in April 2004, which has become an ongoing yearly Vintage tradition. I organized the next few, and others have since. We also have informal meets, such as one hosted by the current Vintage moderator, Jim (S1997), in Colorado last October. I hope S2Ki members who are not familiar with the forum will check it out and contribute. We “chat” about a wide variety of subjects. I personally have formed lifelong bonds with some members, which would not have been possible without the S2000, S2Ki, and the Vintage Forum. It’s been a great ride so far!

Almost seven years since inception the Vintage forum has grown to an impressive roster of 558 members, with three official drives (Spring Fling, Fall Colors and the Tomcatt Memorial). While the rules to get badged on this forum require you to be 40 or older (and obviously ownership of an S), the forum welcomes younger members. They label them pre-vints and such members are welcome to participate in the discussion and become part of the community and its activities.

Doing what the car loves best

They also have a Politics sub-forum that could very well teach a thing or two to our lawmakers in learning how to disagree without being disagreeable. Political talk can inflame passion and turn a dispassionate topic into personal attacks, but not here. This is one forum where liberals, conservatives, anarchists, and independents can gather to exchange ideas, be constructively critical and have fun, all while maintaining decorum.

The average membership age being higher (and I mean no disrespect here) only means that the quality of discussion is all the more better and varied. Browsing through the Vintage forum, you will find topics ranging from casual conversation to politics, and above all respect for each other. While researching this article, I found several instances where a conversation seemed to be headed towards tipping point, only for reason to prevail and a sense of magnanimity in accepting another’s belief or opinion. In that sense, Vintage is a wonderful template for all our other forums to follow.

Fall Colors drive 2007

This being a car forum, we do have to get down to talking about cars & meets. As I mentioned earlier, the vintage group is very active and organized. Spring Fling 2010 is all ready and set to go. The dates for this event are May 21st through the 23rd in Cranberry Twp., PA. The Fifth Annual Tomcatt Memorial Meet has also been set for the weekend of June 18th through the 20th. This meet is conducted by our Vintage members in memory of former S2KI member Tom Curda who passed away in 2006. Fall Colors is yet to be decided but for sure, it will carry the stamp of enthusiasm and fun that has come to symbolize the Vintage forum. The best part of all the vintage meets is that pre-vints can also register and participate in the fun. (EDIT: Fall Colors is not a Vintage Owners sanctioned drive, but has their active participation. Thanks for pointing that out MsPerky)

Should you be 40 or over and are young at heart, you could sign up on this forum and get to know the fine people on the forum. It is also a welcome sign that younger members can participate too and I hope that our younger members that so joyfully communicate in abbreviations, will also participate and sign-up as pre-vints.

Friends having fun at Spring Fling 2009

Fun & Friendship forever

The S2000 may have formed a friendship, but it is the friendship that endures a lifetime. This seems to be the lesson from the Vintage forum and it is my sincere hope that our Vintage members continue to be a beacon that lights the way for the other forums and members. Honda may have killed the S2000, but as long as we have a community of friends like Vintage, it is my belief that the legend of the S2000 will continue for long.

Special thanks to S1997, MsPerky and Hondagal for their contribution and insight. Images courtesy of S2ki members Canberra, S1997 and Kyras.

NOTE: S2KI welcomes the opinions of its members on the S2000 and on all topics related to the S. Should you feel the creative urge to pen a few words then by all means do so and PM energetic, aashish2 or Onehots2k OR send us links to what you would like us to write about and we will feature you (or your community) on the S2KI Home Page.

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