How S2KI makes my life at work more enjoyable

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Yep, that’s right! I’ve got to wake up again this morning, get myself dressed up and go to work. Same typical routine once the alarm goes off; brush my teeth, have a shower or at least wash my face. For those that have their S2000 as a daily drive, you get a bit of a smile on your face and enjoy the daily route all the way to the office. For those that use a different car as a daily drive, as I do, you usually get a cup of coffee from the coffee shop which waits right next door or a bit further, and drive all the way to the office.

The first phrase coming out of my mouth at work is a nice “good morning” to my colleagues. Then I just sit on the chair and turn the power on at the laptop on my desk. Loading, loading, and here we go reading all those new business emails that have been received since yesterday. The work load is heavy at most of the time, but I manage to open my web browser in a little stealth window to avoid any conflicts with colleagues and managers. Surely, I don’t want to get into trouble for any reason at work, but Internet access is available for all of us and we are addicted to it. Actually, I would rather say that I’m addicted to S2KI forums and to the entire S2KI community.

However, the performance at work is still on a high level and there is no negative influence… well… sometimes at least, just a bit. From personal experience there are many times when pressure at work really gets on the nerves; it feels like you are about to explode when suddenly you manage to accomplish a task successfully and you feel good about yourself. The reward is to grab the mouse and click on the S2KI Home page. It is bookmarked of course, as my Home page and I suggest you do it as well. You might see an interesting article from that Greek crazy dude (that’s me), from aashish2 who is full of great ideas, or a strong opinion view by Onehots2k and from the rest of the S2KI community members.

The Stealth Window

No matter in what mood I am, good or bad, the content within S2KI is huge and offers many ways to empty my head from worries at work. I just go even further within the forum of S2KI, and I get at least some comfort to clear my mind. This is really amazing; I just enjoy this escape route from work even when I’m at work occupied, and implementing various tasks. I have noticed that S2KI has become an important part of my work; it clears my head completely and the mouse pointer gets on fire between tasks. Click there to read that business mail, refresh the page on that S2KI topic, handle that task for this customer, read the new reply in S2000 Talk, reply to this mail, answer to that topic in the Modification and Parts section, answer on the phone, check some new photos in the S2000 Gallery, get a quotation for this business matter… and it goes on and on… and on. In this way I feel that my daily work is more enjoyable, since I get the chance to adapt the S2KI Community at work.

I think that the majority of S2KI users spend most of their time in the forum when they are at work and a bit less when they go back home. Perhaps this is just me, but really now… how many of you out there, feel the same way as I do? Am I the only one here? Don’t tell me you are afraid to admit it. Unless, if your boss is watching from above.

I certainly hope that my boss doesn’t read this now; otherwise I will be in real trouble and start looking for another job… So what? It is S2KI forever for me, because it makes my life at work more enjoyable and still keeps my performance growing strong.

NOTE: S2KI welcomes the opinions of its members on the S2000 and on all topics related to the S. Should you feel the creative urge to pen a few words then by all means do so and PM Energetic, Aashish2 or Onehots2k OR send us links to what you would like us to write about and we will feature you (or your community) on the S2KI Home Page.

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