Sex in an S2000 – An anonymous public safety opinion for S2000 owners

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Why am I the center of attention suddenly?? 😉

What is the truth? Only those who have tried and lived to brag about it, know. Of course the internet provides for great stories. Top up? or down?, windows open or closed? Is there a preference? Or does it really matter. Why is it so important to know if you can, or you can’t? After browsing the various Sex in the S2000 threads (sadly that is one of the top 10 questions on S2ki egads.gif ), we will let you decide. lol.gif EDIT: For those wondering why that link wont go anywhere, now you know why search is down 😀

The real question is, does your pride and joy (by which I mean your S2000) survive the trials and tribulations of positions? The horn, seat bolsters, shifter, e-brake, the roof if it is up, and ruining the leather seats. How can any of this be easy on your A$$ (oops, I meant S)?

Get a room you guys!!

There seems to be multiple preferences for the top up and windows up, but maybe for the sake of minimizing damaging on your pride and joy, the top should be down and your significant other holding on to the windshield frame. We could all live with finger prints on the glass, however unless you’re a Cirque du Soleil performer then it won’t matter.

Charlie horses are known to occur and are very painful, bruises, back aches, bumped heads. Sounds a bit brutal and unnecessary. But if your interest is piqued, it has to be tried at least once in order to satisfy your curiosity. Only remember, curiosity killed the inquisitive cat.

One member (I’m not taking any names here), has said that she managed to change from shorts into jeans while seated in her S eek3.gif , and that it was quite the challenge even though she is what I’d call petite. Perhaps that can be the benchmark test you should follow to determine if you and your significant other can actually engage the S in the act. Should you fail the test, then for god’s sake perish any thoughts of a threesome with the S.

Help!! I cant seem to get them to leave 😛

Driving the S is sex in itself. While the car has the potential to get you laid, do not plan on getting the car laid, else you will forever be a marked man lol.gif

In case this post has given you ideas we never intended for you to have, please visit the Hotties Forum. It is considered by the druids as a sure cure for mechaphilia tongue.gif

An anonymous S2KI Member

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