Video of the Week: WRC EVO vs J’s Racing S2000

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We would like to welcome our community members and the rest of the world to this new category of our Home page. Every week we’ll introduce you, videos from around the globe for your pleasure and entertainment. Of course those videos will be related to the Honda S2000 and the S2KI community, bringing up a good reason for discussion through your weekend. It is no coincidence that we have nominated Friday to be the Video of the Week day.

In this first series of videos, we bring to your screen the interesting battle between the WRC EVO and the J’s Racing S2000 that took place in the Touge. One of the most favorite battle stations you could say through all these years. Although the cars’ setup is different, the result depends to the drivers style as well. In this video, the WRC EVO gets beaten on both runs with no surprise to be honest. After all, we have explained already in a previous article why the S2000 is better that an EVO.

So, time to watch the following video and share your opinion with us. Enjoy!

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