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We’ve all at some point received comments from strangers about our S2000’s. Of course some aren’t as welcomed as others, but I digress. It still strikes me as amazing that a 10 year old design still attracts positive attention.

My car is a bone stock Grand Prix White that I’ve owned for six years.  I’m absolutely not kidding when I say I get at least 2-3 comments a week. A lady about two weeks ago said, “If I won the lotto I’d buy one of these.” I live in Florida so seeing an S2000 daily isn’t exactly a rare occurrence. My experiences occur mostly at drive-thru windows and gas stations. There are few cars out there that age very well. I think we’re quite lucky to consider the S2000 one of them.

I am somewhat biased to think the AP2 will age better due to rear L.E.D. lighting and nicer bumpers but we won’t go there at this time. The S2000 as a whole looks like it has aged beautifully and will continue to do so. What makes a car possess such qualities?  In my opinion the lines have to flow beautifully. While funky and edgy styling is controversial, a clean design seems to hold up the best.

Jaguar XJR (Photo: Mats Olsson)

Another example would be the Jaguar XJ sedan from 1994-2003. It essentially had the same profile since the early 70’s. It looked great back then and still looks great now.  It’s not poofy or bulbous. Its proportions look balanced and spot on. It has very clean classy lines. The design is almost too safe but it works.  Take a look at the all new one. While it’s edgy and daring I’d wager most would be sick of it after a while. What other cars out there have aged well like our S2000?


Images courtesy of krshultz and Mats Olsson

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