Video of the Week: An almost bad moment on track

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It looks like certain videos on the web can give us a lesson to avoid the worst. Featuring in this Video of the Week is… the wrong way to get around on track and specific on the corner that you shall see below. However, the simple mistake of the S2000 driver can be sometimes justified and sometimes not. We can miscalculate our entry before we perform a small drift, however in this case the driver wanted to just go around the corner quick. That particular section, is on the S2000 advantage and he could increase the gap from the M3. But the M3 driver was so close behind him and surprisingly he avoided the collision just in time since that S2000 got it all wrong. My advice to the M3 driver is to keep his eyes sharp every time he goes on track. The funny part of this video though, goes to the S2000 driver who tries to get back on track but he fails again. I bet he was extravaganza excited that day in the S2000.

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