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I’d say we’ve all at one point in time played cops and robbers when we were kids. Some of us still play it as adults but that’s a whole different kind of story.

Law Enforcement across the globe seems to have a more interesting selection than here in the states. Some British law enforcement agencies have replaced their aging Subaru cars with the Lexus IS-F. Yes, you read right. They have a whole fleet of those babies. The Dutch have BMW M3’s at their disposal as well.

Soon, we are going to see a different type of car. It is called the Carbon E7. The company itself is American and the automobile will be manufactured here as well. The car is built to be a purpose built mass produced squad car. This company was founded by an ex Ford CEO and a former police officer.

Carbon Motors has been finding funds and resources for about 7 years now. The expected release date for the E7 is 2012. They signed a deal on March 22nd with BMW to secure 240,000 twin-turbo diesel motors. Company statements indicate it will have over 260hp and produce 425lb ft of torque at 1750rpms. Most car mags have gotten mid 30mpg without any kind of special eco-driving from that exact motor. Carbon expects the E7 to last twice as long as traditional police cars. That means it will go about 250,000 miles. The E7 will feature an automatic license plate recognition system, head up display, and video/audio surveillance of rear passenger compartment. Also, integrated shotgun/rifle mounts, remote start capability, reverse back-up camera, and numerous high level ballistic protection. It will also be capable of driving over a curb at 45miles an hour with no frame damage. The rear impact collision is certified up to 75miles an hour. These were just a few tidbits of the features and options for the E7.

Everything featured on a police car today can be delivered from the factory.  Carbon promises to keep the pricing competitive. As much as I adore them, it is highly unlikely the IS-F and M3 equipped police cars would be able to handle the hell an E7 would be able to. Robocop would be proud.


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