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The grass must be greener. Why are we so many of us obsessed with exclusiveness? Perhaps it makes us feel special.  I’ve heard countless times that I don’t want to buy Car X because I’ll see it at every stoplight.

Even I have said such a phrase before. Honestly, do we die a little on the inside every time you see an S2000? I would certainly hope not. I often put the top back and go for late night cruises. That is probably why I have way more miles on my S2000 than the average person.

Anyhow, I ended up in a very ritzy neighborhood.  Every house had a big gate and at least a six car garage. Yeah, these folks are definitely high rollers. I got quite inspired just looking but vowed I wouldn’t need that much space unless I had 10 kids.  To my surprise I counted 5 Cadillac Escalades and two Range Rovers on the same street. Keep in mind that there were only 10 houses on this entire street.

Are these people mad?!? Why are they all driving the same car? I don’t know what was in their garages, but still. It’s okay to switch up. Throw in a Tahoe, Cayenne, X5, or something. It didn’t seem to bother them up on the upper end of the price stratosphere. I thought to myself “All that cash and no imagination.” By the time I got home I thought, “a good car is a good car.” It shouldn’t really matter too much. Of course some of you may feel differently. Lucky for us our S2000’s are good cars and kind of exclusive.

Honda sold over 66,000 cars in the U.S. in ten years. I know that it sounds like a lot.  The Honda Accord sells over 60k every three months. The fact is that the streets simply aren’t exactly flooded with them unless you live in the Sun Belt. We can think of our exclusivity as icing on the cake. Not the whole bloody thing.

– onehots2k

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