Video of the Week: Official EuroMeet S2000 ride goes for a swim

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This will bring a smile to everyone who had the opportunity to attend last year at the EuroMeet in Trento, Italy. It was the celebration of the 10th anniversary of production of the S2000. More than 220 S2000s and 450 people were gathered from all over Europe to celebrate at this event. However, there was one particular S2000 with that particular tiger look, that really marked its place and was recognized as the Official EuroMeet S2000. His driver is even more mental than his S2000, but he is such a great and funny guy to hang out. SideWaysOnFire from UK Community was caught on camera somewhere lost, in a secret location, possibly as he was trying to live again those moments of the EuroMeet with the help of his high-tech GPS. So, following strictly the navigational directions, he decided to take his S2000 for a swim. Hey Burnie, where are your flippers mate? Enjoy the video everyone!

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