Wash your S2000 and get dirty again

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One of the most enjoyable tasks for both owner and the S2000 is to wash the car and get rid of all that dirt sitting around. Most of us get really excited when doing so, by using our own personal touch or just assigning this task to a professional. Personally, I’ve found a nice wash & wax store that does all the work for me. I’m a bit lazy to wash the car anyway; therefore I just sit back and enjoy the whole process.

Perhaps I enjoy it more, than washing the car on my own because my free time is also limited. After all, my S2000 is driven only through the weekends or when there is a track day available to enjoy it. I even cover up my S2000, next to my girlfriend’s S2000 while I visit her, so it won’t get dirty. In few words, I want my S2000 ready for action and freshly cleaned at any time!

The feeling you get as a driver after a car wash, is most refreshing. Really now, the moment you get in the car and you see the interior cleaned and dust free your mood is changed. Then your eyes observe the long clean bonnet (hood) of the S2000 and for a moment you feel as a king of the road. You can notice pedestrians and drivers watching the car and I bet they think “now that is clean”.

So far so good, and here now comes trouble for your S2000; it is time to put your driving skills to the test and try to avoid several dirty hazards on the street that will make your S2000 dirty again. We can name this part of the story as “searching for the clean line” since you get caught trying to avoid small areas on the road which are filled with water. The last thing you want is your wheels to get wet and all that dirty water spray to get on your S2000 body. This is one of the most irritating things that may happen after a car wash; but there is more.

The car in front of you is the mother of all dirt; we are talking about the car species, known as “Most Dirty Windscreen Equipped Vehicle” ever seen. As you cruise now right behind him, the driver decides it is time to clean his windscreen. Guess who will eat his leftovers now from all that water spray; your, beloved and cleaner than ever, S2000. Don’t ask me how I feel when this happens to me because we will have to use some serious vocabulary to express my feelings over this!

I wish my S2000 was water-proof, dirt-proof without even bother myself to pay attention to all those described above, but I guess it is part of our S2000 lifestyle. We need to get our car dirty, so we can enjoy the entire process of wash & wax. But really now, am I the only one who shares the same thought or am I just mental?

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