A Used & Battered S2000 is Rescued – A Feel Good Story

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What you are about to read may make you cry, make you furrow your brow out of concern, and at the end warm the cockles of your heart and leave you with a smile. After all who here would not like reading a feel good story especially when said story is true and involves a bruised and battered S2000 brought back to life.

The story begins back in September of last year when S2KNFR (of the infamous floor mat fix fame) posted that his childhood friend received a free S2000 from a family member. Hogan, the friend, is a car nut like us and a regular Average Joe, that has worked hard and never been able to spend money for himself. Needless to say S2KNFR was determined to help his friend Hogan to any extent possible. In his own words:

I went and saw it. It’s neglected, and scratched and faded. Missing an exhaust tip, a right front fender liner, torn rear window, and is covered in bees and the remnants of mice, but it is all there. It ran perfect, and is to my astonishment, rust free. What a great gift. My friend had a smile just branded to his face.


My bud’s a car nut, hard working “Joe” that has never had it easy. Ever. He’s never had money or time for himself.
He deserves a nice car and I’m going to get him up and going right and safely.

Here is a thread he started (with pics) when he went and looked over the car. For the bad cosmetic shape it was in,the car surprisingly had no dents nor rust where it mattered. All it needed was a lot of TLC and parts considering the ravages it appeared to have suffered at the hands of mother nature.

Work began in earnest (and when I say earnest I mean it as you will see) on April 9th this year and as you can see the man has quite literally moved mountains for his friend considering the car was ready 10 days later. Had this car gone to a dealership, I fear the cost of all the work may have been double or triple what was spent on the car. What was also refreshing was the outpouring of support from the community. People stepped in with words of encouragement, even offered parts for free for the noble cause – a testament to the fine community that we are.

When all the needed work was done, and the wheels refused to get any cleaner, S2KNFR even sold the wheels on his NFR and brand new Sumitomo’s he’d just ordered to Hogan, so his friend would have a spiffy looking ride, while ordering a set of new CR wheels for himself. As you can see this made for one sharp looking S2000 and a happy new owner.

This true story raises my hopes for the legend of the S2000 continuing for a long time to come. As long as there are kind people like the brother-in-law who decided to give his car away for free, enthusiasts like Hogan who love cars and such absolutely generous people like S2KNFR, the legend of the S2000 will pass from generation to generation. For it is not so much the car, but the kind of people the car attracts that will build its reputation and have it endure for generations. Reminds me of that old Honda line – You meet the nicest people in a Honda 🙂

Images courtesy of S2KNFR.

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