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Building an engaging car requires putting a lot of important pieces together. Things like iPod integration and HID lighting are quite nice but aren’t one of those pieces. In my opinion, steering feel, supportive seats, good outward view, and a decent gearbox is on that list. Not being overweight is another prerequisite but I’ll save that for another write-up.

Today, I’m specifically talking about our gearbox. It really is the stuff dreams are made out of. The feel is just right. There really isn’t any guesswork for novice drivers. I’ve driven just about every tangible brand in stick form and still stand by my statement. I know I’m not alone in feeling this.

I do a lot of automotive reading and I’m always shocked to see the S2000 get honorable mention on dozens of fora and even automotive publications. Just last month Motor Trend was comparing the shifter of a Mustang GT to an S2000. They were colored impressed and asked, “Is this a Honda?”  A week ago I was helping a buddy shop for a short shift kit on his Bimmer. The reviews on the particular product mentioned the preciseness of the S2000. Once again I was shocked. Our car was being lauded deep within the walls of a random BMW forum.  A few years ago Forbes Magazine ranked it in their top five. What do they know about cars, right? Well, they nailed it.

There is nothing that ruins a driving experience like a sloppy gearbox. It really isolates us from the vehicle and draws some of our attention away from our surroundings. It’s even more disappointing when the car has a decent suspension and enough grunt to go with it. I’ve done plenty of research and could not identify the back story behind our gearbox. Was there an obvious benchmark? Perhaps it was a mistake.

I guess it doesn’t really matter what story is. In the end our car really has not gotten any substantial upgrades over the years. It’s just nice that Honda got this right from the very beginning and we get to enjoy it. In 30 years, we won’t be upset if they slap the identical gearbox into whatever they decide to build. Many of us would still prefer it over whatever ridiculous transmission they’ll have out by then.


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