The sweet temptation of shopping

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I still remember when I got my second S2000 and kept thinking that I will keep my car this time completely stock. But how can someone resist, when you are part of such a great community and you browse through the forum daily? Suddenly, we see a photo of an S2000 with something on, which is not OEM. Many thoughts are passing through our mind and we keep wonder, which sort of aftermarket product is this one? Who manufactures it? Where can we get it from? Well, guess what happens next, and ask me a quick question now; is my S2000 stock? I think the photo below of me and eddiex taken by Kita will give you the answer.

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Further discussion post by post, leads to more questions and then you end up visiting one of the most convenient places to find what you are looking for; the Sponsors dedicated forums in the Marketplace section.

The great variety of products presented by the S2KI Sponsors cannot be described. I mean really now, you could spend the entire day just looking every single topic by our Sponsors, and never get enough of it. You just want them all!

From exterior & interior, to suspension & handling products and many more, such as engine & drivetrain products or even electronic, audio and accessory deals; the list is endless… you name it and they’ve got it. The most important thing is that the majority of all those products are dedicated to the Honda S2000. So, in short words you may find whatever you can imagine in there.

However, our Sponsors offer more to our community apart from a variety of product’s deals. Their feedback in the entire S2KI forum can be seen in many topics when someone asks information for an aftermarket product. Their experience is very useful and they share with us their knowledge through their posts. You may also notice that some forums in the Special Interest section, as well as in the Appearance section are sponsored. Their feedback is great and they give solutions to many questions to S2KI members and guests.

I used to seek for information for my car, and search for many aftermarket products, until I managed to discover the S2KI Community. Finally I found what I was looking for, through S2KI; almost everything for my S2000. This includes also responsible answers to my questions, and great feedback and availability of some great aftermarket products.

Now, if you could please excuse me, but I think it’s time for me to have a look for some carbon goodies. Sponsors beware; you’ve got an energetic S2000 owner, coming right at you!

Is there anyone who wants to go shopping with me? 😀

NOTE: S2KI welcomes the opinions of its members on the S2000 and on all topics related to the S. Should you feel the creative urge to pen a few words then by all means do so and PM Energetic, Aashish2 or Onehots2k OR send us links to what you would like us to write about and we will feature you (or your community) on the S2KI Home Page.

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