S2K Challenge Series 2010: Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

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Original write up by Mike (Dipstick)

Photo courtesy of ZJChaser

Round #4 of the 2010 S2000 Challenge Series was held Sunday May 16, 2010 at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch. Turn out was excellent with sixteen S2000s coming to Pahrump, NV – some even making the drive from SoCal that morning!

The Ranch has undergone a major facelift including:

– The new Motor Sports Country Club with condos, garages, a pool, and an indoor firing range (for members only, of course).
– A new tunnel below the front straight (allowing entry/exit from the paddock to the outside at all times).
– A really nice Timing building @ start/finish aka “Grant’s Super Secret Hideaway” – complete with roof top viewing Patio and A/C.
– Electronic “corner workers” (strategically placed colored lights)…this seemed to work well once you identified their locations around the track.

The track has lots of new “VETTE’n’RADICAL friendly” PAVED RUNOFF (see purple areas below) effectively increasing the radii and the exit speed of Turns 2, 5, and 19.


This time out, the Challenge would count fast lap of the day (except for the 1st session) plus add a QUALIFYING-STYLE gridded extended-session at the end of the day.
This facilitated getting all the S2000 (and Miata/Evo) Challenge drivers on track with multiple chances at a clean run.

With the initial gridding, the first 3-4 laps were identical to our usual TT, but as traffic “mixed” you had to really keep your eyes peeled for cars cooling off, debris/rocks on track etc.

As the times were posted after each session on the side of the 949 RACING trailer, several battles emerged throughout the day…check the times listed in the podium pics below (times are the driver’s FAST LAP for the each session…FTD is Bold).

Photo courtesy of ZJChaser


The BERK TECHNOLOGY STOCK CLASS saw several newcomers to the series, most of whom have never driven SMMR before.

Doug and Richard, both track regulars who’ve recently acquired their S2000’s, were able to pick-up the track quickly. Doug was able to throw down a 2:45.428 in the final session for the win with Richard right behind at 2:47.992.

Karim (a Vegas local) was able to join the fun on his “home” track but was a little rusty due to “workin’ too much” (if you can call driving Ferrari’s around “working” Karim!…gotta make it to LA for redemption!).

Norachai, Albert, and Samuel rounded out the stock class with 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively.

1 Douglas Chan 2:45.428
2 Richard Seegman 2:47.992
3 Karim Hussain 2:49.253
4 Norachai Drabik 2:49.758
5 Albert Gavieres 2:50.862
6 Samuel Malapas 2:53.940



Street was closely contested with Fil and Konstantin duke-ing it out all day.

Fil was concerned during the early AM that a small “groan” noise from the diff might be a problem (hmmm, sounds familiar).
However, he decided to run anyway and, as with all good competitions, it eventually came down to the last session.

Konstantin was able to run a 2:44.343, his FTD.
Filip, however, ran until he couldn’t run no more… and had to borrow a gallon of gas to bring in a 2:44.725 for 2nd.

Esteban Wu rounded out the Street class with a 2:47.141 for third and Mitchell Burton came in with a 2:51.201 for fourth.

1 Konstantin Nikiforov 2:44.343
2 Craciun Filip 2:44.725
3 Esteban Wu 2:47.141
4 Mitchell Burton 2:51.201


>> BUDDY CLUB << MOD Class

Although, Jim Tway had only been to Pahrump once before, his plan was clear : arrive a day early and practice hard. This paid off handsomely with a knock out blow in the cool early morning temps – a 2:33.476 in Red 2.

Mark, Chris, Alex, Ryan, and Mike were left to duke it out the rest of
the day as the winds gusted in from the south and the afternoon temps increased.

Mark got down into the 2:36’s during Red 3 and, as usual, was consistent and clean all day.

Of course, it again came down to the last session with Mark running a 2:36.425 for 3rd and with me coming in just 0.348 seconds ahead for 2nd. The battle between Chris, Alex, and Ryan was equally close with all three competitors within 0.173 seconds of each other!
A real nail-biter ’til the end…

1 Jim Tway 2:33.476
2 Mike Tsay 2:36.077
3 Mark Tsai 2:36.425
4 Chris Elders 2:40.695
5 Alex Peng 2:40.743
6 Ryan Mahoney 2:40.868


Congratulations to all the drivers and podium finishers!

Thanks to Speedventures for the prizes (Trackday credits 1st $30, 2nd $20, 3rd $10) and also to Aaron, Grant, and the SV crew for a smooth and enjoyable day.

Despite being a long way from LA, Spring Mountain is a great destination track.
The run-off modifications make the track flow naturally and, with plenty of passing zones, the sessions were fast and flowed well.

Hopefully, S2000 Challenge can make it back to Pahrump (and to Vegas) next year again.

Please join us for #5 at WSIR Big Willow on SUNDAY June 13th! See you then!



Follow this link for further details and highlights of the race!

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