Obsessed with the Honda S2000 – An article that went all wrong!

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This is something that goes through my mind over and over again. I’m supposed to be one of the many dedicated S2000 owners in this community and still, I cannot settle my mind of what I’ll do with my S2000.

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Actually this is not the right approach of what I want to share with you. You will notice that my write-up will start from one point and will end up to a completely different approach and conclusion. Yep, this is my S2000 obsession and the reason of this write-up to go completely sideways in the end.

I used to have a MCB S2000 as a daily driver which I sold back in 2007 and after one year I got my current NFR S2000. I love it; I’m driving it on weekends and get it on track whenever I find the opportunity to do so. However, I wish I could have one more S2000 and run a small project with it; an S2000 that would be assigned to use only on track. My favorite approach would be to completely strip the car for some serious weight reduction, and run it N/A. Another approach is to get a trailer for my S2000 and take it on track with my CR-V. But then again, I will miss those getaway weekends with the S2000.

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On the other hand, I have so much respect for the Honda S2000 and what it represents, that I would love and honor its existence. Sure, I would like to have an S2000 maintained as good as new and keep it in my garage or keep it at my living room just by my side. Yeah, I would love to preserve one S2000 as a future antique maybe, for the next years to come. So, it would be ideal to have an S2000 for the weekends and another one for track only. But then again I think in the end I might need three S2000s and not only two. Am I sick with the S2000? Obsessed? Or am I just loosing my mind while writing these words?

But how is it possible to stop thinking that way, when I share and read together with the rest of the community all those good stories with your own S2000? How can I change my mind when I read all those top ten lists which include the S2000? How is it possible to forget the Euromeet last year? How could I forget the honor I had, to meet the chief designer of the S2000? How can I put aside the S2000 lifestyle, all the friends that I’ve met? I think I’m pretty confused here. Am I stuck with the S2000? I mean, is there another option available that could replace the S2000? Trust me, I tried to go that road before to change my mind, but everything failed.

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The feeling of the S2000 ownership is incredible. It feels like this car is the last pure driving machine which requires some pure driving skills to do so. I still remember when I read the first S2000 review. They had mentioned that the S2000 has this unique driving ability to perform so well on tight corners, without the use of any electronic equipment. In the end, the only thing that was added on the car was the ABS because it had to be included as a standard feature. I feel that all car manufacturers now put a lot of effort to create a car by adding so many electronic components to actually make the car driveable. Seriously now, when was the last time that you drove a car without any of those gadgets engaged? If you give it a try, please be careful out there because the setup of those newest cars has been developed on a completely different approach and level. Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not debating here for the driver’s ability to drive the car but to the setup of the car itself. Disengage those “helpers” and you will hate the car!

The S2000 combines everything for sure! Do you want to use it as a daily driver? You can do it. Do you want it for a second car for your getaway weekends? You got it. Do you want it for the track? Ιt is ready for you with that unique frame as solid as a rock. How about, to impress all the lovely ladies out there? Who knows, you might get lucky tonight… again! What about the driving sense of freedom, similar to a high revving bike? It is even better actually, since you don’t need a helmet to feel freedom; just put that roof down now! What about that Formula One feeling and respect? Honda gave you also a nice dashboard cluster directly from Formula One; do you remember Senna driving his F1… revving up? Oh yes, rev it to 9000 rpm and get a big smile on your face! How about that engine sound? Did we mention the finest shifter to play around? The list can be endless of what the S2000 will offer you every time you press the engine start button.

What was the point of this article? Actually, I was trying to conclude several options available for the S2000, but somewhere in the middle of my write-up, I caught myself thinking of how perfect the S2000 is and what it really offers to the driver. Eventually, my approach went sideways and and I ended up writing about my own obsession with the S2000. Please don’t be harsh on me and consider this write-up as a personal psychological therapy that I had to share with you!

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