Three S2000’s vs C6 Corvette – Onehots2k interviews our member Archtop

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Three S2000’s vs. the Corvette.  Okay, not exactly. At some point in time the majority of S2000 owners will move on to another product. It is just a simple fact. What is even more interesting is those that end up coming back. Today, we’re going to get insight into the mind of an owner who has experienced two different flavors (AP1,AP2) and then left. No biggie right? Well, he moved on to a 436hp C6 Corvette with the Z51 package. It had all the proper factory bells and whistles. I’m talking things like an upgrades suspension, bigger brakes, coolers, etc. After driving that for a while he ended up selling it for another sports car, a 2006 Honda S2000. I really commend Archtop for being brave and stepping out of the box but I have to know why. I’m sure many in the S2000 community have been at the same crossroads. He traded one of the best sports cars the world has ever seen to get a third helping from Honda. I certainly don’t fault him. It would just be interesting to know exactly why.

Brief Question and answer with longtime member, Archtop(Eric):

1.) The C6 is the arguably the best sports car the Western world has to offer. It is a world beater at an incredible price. After owning two s2k’s, and then a C6, why did you sell  a Corvette for another S2000?

I really do like the C6 but I found it not as comfortable (size wise) for the winding back roads where I live here in the mountains of NC.I also love roadsters and my C6 was a coupe. I don’t like the C6 vert especially with the top up.

2.) Clearly you’ve shown that you had lust for the Corvette. You lived it for a while. What do you miss from the C6?

My C6 experience was pretty nice. I added headers,exhaust and a custom tune so I was pretty close to 400/400 to the wheels NA. The thing I miss most is how responsive the engine was (na power), just a great motor. Much better for long cruises loved the keyless ignition and electronic gadgets.

3.) You were one of the first to give this new and wild Honda Roadster a chance. An ’00 AP1, ’04 AP2, and then a Supercharged ‘06 AP2. All three of them are clearly different animals. Can you rank them in order of the most fun?

Can’t lie on this one my KW supercharged 06′ is just great (#1).Still has the s2k vibe but plenty of torque and great power.I’ll keep this one.#2 is my 04′,added torque kept my interest then my 00′.Honda just kept refining it in my opinion.

4.) I would say you’re pretty unpredictable. What would possibly make you sell for a third time?

See above,this one’s a keeper.I may buy a different car to go with this. ,Porsche Boxster is on my list once my kids graduate.

5.) Lastly, did s2ki have any role whatsoever in your experience ?

S2ki has been really great.A wealth of knowledge.I’ve never had my S2k’s in the shop for maintenance.I can all my own maintenance in my garage and thats part of what I enjoy about owning this great roadster.

– Onehots2k

Images courtesy of Archtop

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