New Honda Hybrid S2000 Beat-er?

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Photo courtesy of Autocar

We have been waiting for an S2000 successor for quite some time. Rumors have piled up and many renderings were considered to be a good sign of what will come next. However, we are living in “the future of the automotive industry” and hybrid technology becomes more popular and more practical. Honda plans to create an S2000 successor (or not?) based on a hybrid plant and on the 1991 Honda Beat mini convertible. A platform version of a modified Jazz (Fit) is rumored to be used. We believe that the new hybrid roadster will not be as powerful as the S2000, but the specs look promising and the new roadster will be able to accelerate from 0-60mph within 6 seconds!

Not bad for a hybrid car, don’t you think? We assume that an aluminum frame will be used to reduce weight and that a 50:50 weight distribution will be achieved by fitting one motor each to the front and rear. Let us hope that the R&D department is working hard on this one!

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