Classic roadster, modern heart!

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Over the ten years we’ve been blessed with the S2000, we’ve seen many crazy S2000 setups, from your “standard” forced induction S2000s to some interesting engine swaps, including the Supra 2JZ into our beloved roadster or an F20C into an old Datsun 510. Either F20C or F22C powered, our engine is a convenient solution for many car owners that wish to have that modernity and extra power at the wheels of their steeds.

In our S2000 Talk forum we read plenty of stories and follow links to Internet articles, but one of the most pleasant surprises is to watch in person a suspicious vehicle coming down the road at an S2000 group drive and mingle in with us like it belongs.

Its like a zebra running with horses – one’s not quite sure what to make of that sight at first. One of the most quintessential roadsters is the Morgan, the classic British roadster with the wooden frame that can be called one of the S2000s spiritual ancestors for wind-in-your-hair motoring.

So, imagine the surprise of some S2000 owners as a classic Morgan approaches them in a familiar manner during a drive. The car pulls up, the driver gets out, and approaches like he’s met his family. Greetings follow from the confused S2000 owners, then the Morgan owner opens up the hood of his car to reveal what lies under those zebra’s stripes…. an F20C! And this is not some article on the Internet, this is a work of magic and engineering before your very eyes, and available to all your senses. Something you can hear, and touch, and really interact with.

Our S2KI member G from the Oregon community posted this story in the S2000 Talk forum and he shares with us the story adding also that “[Morgans] are rare enough, but this one has to be one of a kind”. We couldn’t agree more, that is one very interesting setup this Morgan owner has put together, taking the classic roadster recipe and spicing it up with a modern touch, wasabi to the shepard’s pie, if you will.

Photos courtesy of G and VintageMac

Special thanks to aashish2 for collecting additional information and to Saki GT for the final editing.

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