Honda sold 8 S2000’s in May 2010 – Onehots2k Opinion

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Honda sold 8 S2000’s in the month of May 2010. That is compared with 116 sold in May 2009. Production of the S2000 has ceased production quite a few months ago but there are quite a few dealers in the country that still have new ones available.

Of course, they are far from plentiful but they are out there. Sadly, if you’re expecting a deal it’s not likely to happen. I spoke with a gentleman earlier in the week that actually paid sticker. He was perfectly fine with that as it wasn’t his first S2000. It will be a nice addition to his similar colored Acura NSX.

While I always expect somewhat of a deal on a new car I’m glad they didn’t go the route of price gouging. Many dealerships do that in the name of a “Market Adjustment.” Years from now these buyers will be the first owner of the last model year of Honda’s legendary S2000. We can’t tell how receptive the future will be in terms of resale and desirability but the s2k will be fine if the present is any indicator. Honda won’t let these go so easily and it’s understandably so.


– Sales chart from American Honda

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