What’s the craziest thing you’ve had in your trunk?

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The trunk of the S2000 is rather small compared to the trunk of a conventional car. It is a roadster, after all. It can be challenging sometimes to figure out how to pack all your stuff in the S2000 before you go on a trip.

I’ve caught myself thinking the night before about how I’d manage to get it all in the trunk. Occasionally, we’ve used it to carry several items that didn’t quite fit. I still remember carrying my exhaust in my previous S2000; however, I didn’t fit it in the trunk, but right next to me in the passenger seat/floorboard.

This is not the craziest thing transported in an S2000 though. Do you remember the fully loaded S2000 with food, supplies and booze?

Well, I thought that this was crazy enough until speedworksracing posted a photo of a trunk fully loaded with 60 lbs of patio stone! Don’t blame him; it was not his idea but his girlfriend’s. By the way, how was the handling with that bit of extra weight in the back?

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