Speechless: My first 250 miles in an S2000

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Original write-up by Akuma

Well … I’m finally home now. Four and half hours of (almost non-stop) driving, I am officially in love with a car. Again. I have had my share of cars, but nothing, I repeat, nothing, came close to how I felt today, driving home. After searching for a car for myself since I moved to Dallas a couple of months ago, I talked myself in, and out, of buying an S2000. I was swayed by a variety of things, my previous car (an Evo VIII), a Golf R32, and a few more than I have forgotten about now. But for some reason, I kept getting drawn to the S2000, over and over again. I am sure some of you are smiling and nodding already, because you know exactly what I am talking about. Well, for me, an S2000 has always been a “beautiful, classic, sports car”.

Sure, I’ve had a five minute drive here and there in a friends car, but I now strongly believe that to experience an S2000 properly, a road trip, (or at least a decent hour of driving ) is necessary.

I never really expected this to be honest. I thought my WRX was awesome, and then, when I got an Evo, again, my excitement level lifted. But in the back of my mind, I knew that it wasn’t all me. Two different computers working in harmony, driving everything, keeping me straight, tricky LSDs, active yaw this, all wheel drive that. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but the S2000 ….

It’s hard to describe. It feels like a samurai sword, pushing it’s way down the blacktop with surgical precision. Begging you to push it harder, to point it at the next corner. Out of all the cars I have owned, this car has to be, the most pure, raw, driver focused sports car I have ever owned. Maybe I am still buzzing from the drive, but I find it hard to believe (right now) that anything else can top it for me at the moment.

Once I got home (tired, dying to have a shower, a drink, and something to eat), I couldn’t help but go outside, and stare at it in my garage. This is really mine?

Sleep will be hard to manage tonight. I have already bought a hardtop for it BEFORE I picked up the car, and I have never done that before, for any car I have owned.

I was going to end this post by apologizing for the emotionally charged lines above, but I don’t think I need to apologize for being really, really happy.

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