Which is the mod that you regret having in the S2000 or didn’t like?

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It’s been a while since many of our community members posted photos of their favorite mod as introduced in our previous article. Human nature wants us to present to our friends and fellow S2K owners the latest goodies that we have in our S2000, but have you ever wondered what mod you regret having in the S2000? Perhaps… a set of coilovers that was really too stiff to ride, or maybe an aftermarket exhaust that was a bit louder than expected? Actually, I still remember when I bought the Invidia Dual exhaust and installed it in my previous S2000. Honestly, I don’t think I ever regret it, but that was indeed the greatest drone I ever heard from an exhaust! Seriously now, the question posed by EMIRDTM has me scratching my head to remember which was the mod that I didn’t like.

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