One Year of Ownership Story

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Original write-up by cpl_allen

Almost one year ago I signed the papers for a 2003 S2000. I was still in Iraq shopping around for parts for my 01 Civic EX sedan since I had plans to fix up my ride. I remember that I kept running into pictures of s2k’s during this process, and found myself surfing the web specifically for pictures of s2k’s.

I unknowingly did this until daylight was coming from the blinds. I didn’t have any sleep that day, but I knew for a fact that I wanted to have one for myself.

After weeks of searching and researching, I decided that I wanted an AP1 over an AP2 (for cost and body style preferences) and already had a wish list of mods. I had my dad take a look at the vehicle in question for me, and as soon as he gave me the thumbs up, I made the call to USAA, and within 40 minutes I was approved for a loan and a down payment for the vehicle was debited from my bank.

Coming home was very exciting to me for the obvious reasons, but as soon as the initial hugs and hello’s from friends was over, I slipped away and opened the garage to see her in person for the first time. I took my time inspecting (admiring) the outside until It was time for a ride.

I grew up in a somewhat small country town of 70,000, and had never actually seen an S before in person except for 1 instance back in 2001 where a rich kid bought a Spa 01, and wrecked it a few weeks later. I knew who drove all the “cool” cars in town, and knew for a fact that nobody had an S.

I had spent the prior month and a half thumbing through these forums reading DIY guides, under the hood discussions, watching peoples progress in the modification section, and all my research and daydreams became reality when I hit that ENGINE START button. I dropped the top and the grinning began. I could not believe that I was sitting in a car that I could only describe at the time as a “sexy go-kart on crack.”

Today, one year later, I still feel the same. The 10 minute drive to work is the most exciting part of my day. I almost want to say that I am usually running late on purpose just to give me an excuse to drive aggressively.

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